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What causes asset prices to move?

One of my long time colleagues and a mentor recently shared something very personal.  He had invested in a property in London paying a staggering £650,000 for the one-bedroom flat. A similar sized property in Bristol (where I live) would be around £150,000. Why such a huge difference? Almost everyone would answer that with ‘it’s […]

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Trading Strategy using RSI trend lines

Hello Traders, I have shared a trading strategy using RSI trend lines – watch it on You Tube – You may use key words ‘Knowledge Candles Forex’ in your search box. If you would like to discuss this or other ideas you are welcome to contact us by leaving a comment or writing to [email protected] If you trade […]

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Trading a triangle breakout

Hello Traders! A triangle break out is a high probability setup and can often be traded in either direction. A triangle is formed when there is a consolidation between buyers and sellers. The price range narrows progressively forming a nice symmetrical triangle indicating that there is near balance between buy and sell orders.  It leads […]