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How much Capital do I need?

New traders and sometimes even experienced traders struggle to answer a key question – How much capital is good enough to make Forex trading a worthwhile pursuit? The expression worthwhile will have a different measure for different people. Some would like the trading activity to generate enough income to compensate for the hourly /monthly rate […]

Forex Trading Education General Happy Christmas and New Year

New Year Resolutions

This is the time of the year when there is a festive atmosphere all around.  Christmas do’s at work, the happy banter with friends and colleagues that comes with these do’s, decorated shopping malls buzzing with keen shoppers and generally happy looking people with everyone looking forward to a reunion with friends and family over […]


Are you using the gifts you are blessed with?

Recently I was speaking to a group of aspiring traders when at the start of my talk I posed a question to the group – What does financial freedom mean to you? The responses I got were varied but there was a common theme to it – it was having more time and resources to […]