Are you using the gifts you are blessed with?

Recently I was speaking to a group of aspiring traders when at the start of my talk I posed a question to the group – What does financial freedom mean to you? The responses I got were varied but there was a common theme to it – it was having more time and resources to do what they ‘loved’!

It is amazing and also rather sad to know how many people go through their lives just working on the jobs they don’t really love or even like. But need to carry on anyway just providing for and supporting their families.  Of course there are those who just love what they do and get paid for it too – example of most professional sports men and women comes to my mind. They train hard at what they love, day after day, and then participate in competitive games for which not only do they get paid handsomely to enable a good life style, but also get a lot of attention and fan following – a brilliant life! Whether you are professional sports person, a software engineer, a chef, a plumber or a builder – as long as you love what you do, you will be happy, you are likely to do really well in life, financially and otherwise. When you identify what you love doing you tend to excel at it and create something of great value for others. This joy of creating something valuable for others and making a difference makes life much more satisfying and meaningful.

But for those who haven’t yet found what they love their lives slowly drift by without expression of their real self and their real potential. They often keep searching for that perfect job which always turns out be the same as previous one or worse; find themselves blaming circumstances and environment for lack of fulfilling career; pass stresses from one aspect of life into other making it a vicious cycle, and the list goes on..

Next time you find yourself struggling with the Monday blues or just going through the motions at work; look deep inside for those unique gifts of talent and skills you are blessed with. Think about sharing those gifts with others – as you discover what you love doing you will be surprised how life gets transformed not only for you but for everyone around you!

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… and people who don’t love their job, don’t let those who love their job, love their job… ‘cause those who don’t love doing what they do, just play to survive around and not progress…

Often I have come across individuals who would continue to work ’cause they get the pay cheque at the end of the month – I generally find them unproductive spreading negativity all around…

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