Consistency is the king

Theoretically speaking, one only needs a tick, a point, or a pip a day to make any amount of money one needs. Why then is it so difficult to make trading a successful career. Trading is one of the simplest of professions to get into, but one of the hardest to get successful at. Not because it requires very high intellect or complex theories. It is hard because it is not an exact science. It is a complex interplay of hundreds of thousands of participants each playing based on their interpretation of market conditions, the value they place on the asset class they are trading at a moment in time based on their beliefs, and above all how they react to the emotions of greed and fear.

Because most strategies seem to work some of the time and nothing works all the time, traders often end up doing constant chop and change to their strategies, indicators they use and other rules. Result inconsistency. To be consistently successful you have to manage yourself more than anything else.Trading teaches you more about yourself than any possibly any other endeavour in life.

We place a lot of emphasis on this aspect in our training programme and work with individuals to develop the right behaviours to be consistently successful at trading.

Happy trading!

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