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Trade Ideas – 12 AUG 2013 (23:00 UK time)

Hello Traders,

We are back with our daily trade ideas after a break of nearly 4weeks.  I have three ideas today two of which are rather cautious as the current price action is still quite far away.

Here are today’s ideas:

Market Direction Entry S/L Move to B/E @ Target 1 Target 2
AUS-USD Long 0.9055 0.9035(20 pips) 0.9075(20 pips) 0.9110(55 pips) 0.9155(100 pips)
EUR-USD Long 1.3020 1.2990(30 pips) 1.3040(20 pips) 1.3160(140 pips) 1.3160(140)
USD-JPY Short 98.00 98.25(25 pips) 97.80(20 pips) 97.20(80 pips) 96.55(145 pips)

Here is the chart snapshot for the AUS-USD taken at the time of writing this:


If you would like to discuss this or other ideas you are welcome to contact us by leaving a comment or writing to [email protected]

If you trade using any of these ideas, you do so at your own risk. Please manage your risk according to what you can afford. Be aware of various event risks before and once in a trade.

Happy Trading!

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