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Trade Recommendations – 3rd July 2013 – (21:25 UK time)

Hello Traders,

We did not have any fill last Friday and there were no recommendations on 1st and 2nd July.

The call on EUR-USD to buy at 1.2940 given on Friday did work out eventually though and is currently trading 60+ pips at the time writing this. Another one to Buy GBP-USD at 1.5126 almost worked when it retraced from 1.5129 (i.e. within 3 pips of our call) and is currently trading nearly 150+ pips in favour!

I did take some part of this action on my personal account. But we are not including this in our result for the purpose of this blog.

So, no net gains or losses! Here are trade recommendations for tonight/ tomorrow:

Market Direction Entry S/L Move to B/E @ Target 1 Target 2 Reward to Risk ratio
EUR-USD Long 1.2970 1.2950(20 pips) 1.2990(20 pips) 1.3000(30 pips) 1.3120(170 pips) 5.0
GBP-USD Long 1.5215 1.5190(25 pips) 1.5240(25 pips) 1.5275(60 pips) 1.5325(110 pips) 3.4
USD-JPY Short 100.65 100.90(25 pips) 100.40(25 pips) 99.85(80 pips) 99.15(150 pips) 4.6


I am also looking keenly at the AUS-USD and will start looking for long opportunities once the price action gets below 0.8990.

If you trade using any of these recommendations, you do so at your own risk. Please manage your risk according to what you can afford. Be aware of various event risks before and once in a trade…especially this week with low volumes on July the 4th and non-farm payroll on the 5th July.

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